Lemon, Honey, and Ginger Fruit Dip Made with Yogurt

Another way to flavor a yogurt dip is to begin your recipe with an already flavored fruit yogurt. This yogurt fruit dip recipe has a wonderful punch of fresh lemon flavor from the lemon zest. It's also ultra creamy from the Greek yogurt.

This is a great healthy yogurt fruit dip for sweeter fruit like strawberry or watermelon. And if you're feeling experimental, you can also try it with lime yogurt and zest in place of the lemon! Or add a bit of vanilla to bring out the sweetness of the honey.

8 oz. lemon yogurt
8 oz. Greek yogurt
1 tsp. ginger or nutmeg
2 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. grated lemon zest
Fresh fruit cut in pieces, to dip

Directions: 1. As with all the yogurt fruit dip recipes on this page, you simply cream your ingredients together in a bowl. Chill them for about two hours before serving.

2. Top the bowl of dip with some freshly grated lemon zest for garnish. This blend works nicely with melon wedges, pear slices, bananas, and seedless grapes, pineapple chunks and, of course, strawberries.

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